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         I'd like to say UB Con is our home con, but not really. UB Con is mostly a LARP/fantasy con with a little anime thrown in. This year we worked the con, trying to make it a little better for the otaku who showed up. On Friday night I ran a cosplay panel. Saturday Jack and I judged the Hall Cosplay competition, I ran Iron Cosplay, Jack did Zoom Out. The only way to make a not so good Con into a great con is to volunteer and wrok to make it better, not just complain about it. We had fun, got to talk to some people just getting in to cosplay (and their parents). We entered a few cotests like Name that Tune and just tried to enjoy ourselves. Played some Rock Bant too! It's very hectic being behind the scenes of a con, but it was cool too.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ~ UsagiNoSenshi