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Enjoy the Photos our members took at the shoots that some of us attended!
Not too many from this con, we had no photographer on Friday and Saturday was mostly private shooots.

Ragnarok Online


  This was my second ANorth, strange that it's so close to where I live yet I never go there. I rode up with Jack, Roshi, and another member of Anime Club (he was kinda annoying). Shared a room with the girls from Ohayocon too. We had burgers at Harvey's and got our badges. Friday was Rangnarok shoot so I was GM and Jack was a Wizard. People at the shoot were very hyper and all over the place. Once cosplay was over Jack and I went out to a really nice restaurant and had expensive dinners and fancy martinis. On Saturday Miku drove up to join us since he had work on Friday. We did a S-cry-ed shoot in a construction site behind the con and got some really cool pictures. That night we got some of the best sushi I have ever had, and tons of sake. We wandered back to the hotel a little tipsy. Our hotel room was super small and we had like 9 people in it so total disaster @_@ Sunday was spent in the dealers room, came home with many new figures and lots of RO art!