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       The History of Recluse Cosplay                                                                                                                            

Recluse Cosplay was officially formed in December 2006.
Many of the members have been cosplaying together long before the officially founding of the group.
All current members have attended the same university and meet through school or through other cosplayers.
The name was chosen by UsagiNoSenshi and approved by the other members.

'A Recluse is a loner who has pulled away from others.
 I felt the name fit our group because we had all been a part of other groups and had cosplayed with other people
in the past but had gone our own ways mostly because we wished to escape the drama that cosplay can bring.
Fame or notoriety is not what we're after, we just want to have fun and enjoy our friendships.' (Usagi)

Our mascot is a monster from Ragnarok Online called a Deviling.

We bought a Deviling plusie at Katsucon and the hilarity of it's facial expression resulted in  our own personal meme
'The Deviling is silently judging you'
As well as being a cosplay group Recluse is also our guild in RO. Our guild emblem also features a Deviling.