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Alias: UsagiNoSenshi

Position: Captain (Yes Captain!)
Personality: Shy (Antisocial)
Relationship: Married (404FileNotFound)
Occupation: House Wife
Education: Bachelors Degree in Asian Studies (Japan)
Dirty Little Secret: Is a Redneck (owns several giant belt buckles)
Favorite Food: Caramel
# of Costumes: 67
Cosplay.Com ID# 3875
Cure ID # 84142







Alias: 404FileNotFound

Position: Cameko (photographer for hire)
Personality: Dork
Relationship: Married (UsagiNoSenshi)
Occupation: Customer Service
Education: Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts (Graphic Design)
Dirty Little Secret: Loves to sew (makes most of his own costumes)
Favorite Food: Steak
# of Costumes: 13
 Cosplay.Com ID# 27309
Cure ID # ----              




Alias: XingCai

Position: Body Guard (kicking ass and taking names)
Personality: Feisty
Relationship: Taken (Spears)
Occupation: Secretary
Education: Bachelors Degree in History/Chinese
Dirty Little Secret: OCD Neat Freak
Favorite Food: Lasagna
# of Costumes: 37
Cosplay.Com ID# 161272
Cure ID # 94781




Alias: Jackoftrades

Position: Sensei (you wish you were this cool)
Personality: Badass
Relationship:Taken(Tokidoki Loki)
Occupation: Being Awesome
Education: English/History/Japanese/Classics
Dirty Little Secret: Has Stage Fright
Favorite Food: Anything Awesome~!
# Of Costumes: 30
Cosplay.Com ID# 207386
 Cure ID # ----









Alias: Tokidoki Loki

Position: Chibi (Pedo Bait)
Personality: Adorable
Relationship: Taken (Jackoftrades)
Occupation: Student
Education: Linguistics/Japanese/German
Dirty Little Secret: Is (well) over 18  
Favorite Food: Cupcakes
# of Costumes: 14
Cosplay.Com ID# 217916
Cure ID # 92628







Recluse Guest Stars!
(People we steal from time to time)


Alias: Tea-san

Collaboration: Code Geass /Disgea
Cosplay.Com ID# 208117


Alias: Spears

Collaboration: Team Fortress 2 /Ragnarok Online
Cosplay.Com ID# ---