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Enjoy the Photos our members took at the shoots that some of us attended!
The Others section contains a lot of Zelda people and some of The World Ends With You first gathering and a few others.
 The awesome image above was taken by the ever talented Clow Wizard Eriol.
 Unless otherwise stated all other photos were taken by 404 (Get2Buring on so please credit him if you like your photos and wish to use them!

Dead Or Alive


Valkyrie Profile

Ragnarok Online




  This is my 5th Otakon! I'm starting to show my age I think. As always Otakon is a huge deal for us, this year was no exception. Recluse welcomed aboard a new member, Eloquent Grin! I think it's safe to say she enjoyed her first real con! We look forward to more cosplay from her in the future! Our Otakon experience started off slow after some major GPS problems on the drive down. Friday was a mismatch day full of many costumes, we had DOA, Valkyrie Profile, Ocarina of Time, and even Magical Canan! We all had fun and met up with old friends from 404 and my college days. We ended Friday night with some really good Chinese food and watching the Olympic opening ceremony while we all cheered on our respective countries (Go Poland!) Saturday was a bit more ordered as it was RO day, but if you've ever been to an RO gathering you know it’s anything but order @_@. My Alchemist (Holy Belle) is my pride and joy, I put way to much thought into that costume but I love it. Saturday night closed out with even more Chipotle (omg we eat so much of that at cons) and some people watching down by the fountains. I talked to a really cute Yoko who liked my Haku costume! And we found many a Link for our Malon! Sunday was full of Vocaliod craziness and fighting through the dealer’s room to my precious Maid Rider figure! It was ONLY 80$ T_T All in all we had a great time at Otakon, but then again with great friends and good cosplay it's always a great time at Otakon.