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Please enjoy the photos we took! If you like them and want to use them please give credit to 404FileNotFound!

Valkyria Chronicles

Persona (Midnight Gathering)

Code Geass

Yuna by Eloquent_Grin

Sheryl Nome by UsagiNoSenshi



I would like to thank everyone who congratulated me on my marriage! Thanks guys!

This Otakon marked my seventh year of con going! Wow I’m getting old! The trip down went pretty well, no major accidents or getting lost in Indian reservations! We stayed at the Marriot Residence Inn; I recommend this hotel to everyone. There are always so nice to us and have great service. We in fact got a nice surprise this year; our room got upgraded to a suite due to over booking! Best room evar! Prereg was a pretty long line this year, and it was like 95* out. Kelly and I did some Touhou and got a nice photoshoot from our buddy EBK. Friday was massive costume change day! I started off with Macross Frontier and then we all changed into Valkyria Chronicles, and then free for all. Saturday was the day of Geass. Kelly debuted her amazing Empress C.C. outfit that cost her over 9,000$ to make. We both had hooker boots of doom which makes things uber fun. Sunday was blah and dealers room, followed by sushi and the long drive home. It may not sound like it but all I can say is BEST OTAKON EVER!!!!!1 We had so much fun, and may have gained a new member! Sadly this may be our last Otakon for a while; we’re going to AX next year bitches!

    ~ UsagiNoSenshi