Enjoy the Photos our members took at the shoots that some of us attended! Groups shots and others will be at the top of the
galleris and Recluse member only pics will be located at the bottom (so you don't have to go through them if you don't want to).

Dead Or Alive

Guilty Gear 1

Tenjou Tenge

Ragnarok Online


Another year, another Katsu. Katsucon has quickly become our group’s favorite con despite the 8 hour drive. The weather was great this year! Our drive was much easier this time around, last year I had to drive through the snow and none of Pennsylvania was plowed at all. One we got to the con we had major problems finding parking and then were bothered by the people on segways handing out postcards for the game they were promoting. They would prove to be an annoyance latter on in the dealer’s room as well. When we got to our room we were a little mad because we were on the 6th floor but the room itself was amazing! We had a huge walk in closet we used as a changing room, a nice flat screen TV, and a balcony! We all watched the Princess Bride while getting ready then went and reged and got some food. Once we got back to the con we were greeted with a staffer yelling at us for standing on the carpet! @_@ why would you not let people stand on the darn carpet?! Friday was a long day, I changed 3 times and had 3 photoshoots. I did DOA then checked in for the Masquerade. Then was Guilty Gear which was one of the most random shoots I’ve been to. Finally we did Tenjou Tenge and we were all very tired and goofy. There are some lol-tastic pics thanks to Erisaka. (see side) We tried to get to bed early so we could be ready for the Masquerade on Saturday. Saturday was all RO all day. We got judged but about an hour late so we elected to skip rehearsal so we could get some food. There was some punk kid and his friends that were riding the elevator up and down pressing every single button! And he got mad when I called him a Jackass! Meet up with other RO cosplayers and took some photos and before we knew it, it was show time! Now that I watch the video of our skit we could have done a bit better but we all had so much fun anyways. I’m glad people like our skit and that we got some good seats for the rest of the night! Congrats to everyone who won! Everyone worked so hard and did a fantastic job! After the awards we went out to eat. We went to The Woodley Café. It’s a bit pricy but I recommend everyone go there next year and get the seafood pasta. It was one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten! I kid you not! Sunday was dealer’s room day, we all blew the last of out money and I ran around in my Spice and Wolf costume and 1 person knew who I was. It was pretty funny trying to tell people I was from an anime about wolf goddesses and economics! We said our good byes and got some sushi for lunch before leaving. Tono sushi on Sunday is a tradition of ours now! We spent the car ride home planning our future group cosplays and reminiscing about the early days of our fandom. I have to say each year we have more and more fun at Katsu! I can’t wait for next year!